Augvape V200 Mod | Review

Augvape V200 Mod Review

Augvape’s has been pretty bold with the design of their first high-powered mainstream mod. The V200 is a dual 18650 box mod, capable of powering up to 200W, and is designed to resemble a Honda VTEC engine.

It forgoes fancy features and even temp control for simplicity and power. It also has some smart design choices to help it remain a streamlined, compact device.

Engines at the ready…..let’s take the V200 for a spin.

The Good

Well-executed design, simple board & controls, delivers in power mode. Compact and durable.

The Bad

Polarizing looks, quite simplistic board with no Temp Control or power curves.


  • Dimensions: 87.5mm x 45mm x 29.2mm
  • 5 to 200W Output Range
  • 0.05 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Modes: Bypass Mode, VMode (Responsive power mode), Normal (power mode)
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Display
  • Construction: Zinc Alloy
  • Oversize Hidden Firing Button and Rotating Button
  • In Built Protections
  • On-Board Charging: 1.2A
  • Takes Dual 18650 batteries
  • Gold plated 510 pin (Stainless steel plate)
  • Weight: 164g
  • Available Colours: Red, Black, White

In the Box

  • Augvape V200 Box Mod
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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Augvape V200 Mod

Augvape has not played it safe with the design of the V200. It’s clearly a device that’s only going to appeal to a certain niche of vaper.

The fact that the V200 mod is inspired by, or in fact looks exactly like a Honda B VTEC engine, may put some people off.

However, it has to be said they’ve actually done a remarkable job at getting the minute details right, and have not compromised the look or usability of the device with intelligent design choices like the ‘hidden’ fire button on the screen, and the scroll wheel for control.

It’s also an incredibly sturdy device, one which I’m sure will withstand some heavy use and abuse.

Augvape V200 Mod


I’ve heard arguments both for and against the look and style of the V200.

Why did they make it look like a Honda engine?….. and Wow, that looks exactly like a Honda engine?

Irrelevant of which camp you fall into, you can’t argue that Augvape has done a very good job of replicating the design of a Honda engine cam cover. Especially considering this is their first mainstream box mod.

It’s also one of those devices that pictures don’t do it full justice; it’s far better in person.

I was initially in the first camp of not totally agreeing with the design choice. But after using it for a couple of weeks, I now really like the look and feel of it, and it’s certainly a head turner.

Augvape V200 Mod

Build Quality

I think part of the fact I’ve been won over by the design of the V200 mod, is it has rock solid build quality.

This mod has a sturdiness and weight to it that gives you a sense of satisfying security; it is not a flimsy plastic device. The main body is built from die-cast zinc alloy.

I’ve had no issue with the paintwork scratching or device breaking after a couple of accidental drops, and the battery door is well implemented and robust. Although there are no signs of holes for battery venting.

The scroll or jog wheel is the only part of the device that might not be as long-lasting, as it’s made from plastic, but it does seem to be quite a strong plastic.

The V200 has become one of my top beater mods due to it being so rugged and durable.


While the V200 is a heavy box mod, and you will certainly notice it in your pocket, it’s surprisingly small for a dual 18650 device.

It measures in at 87.5mm by 45mm by 29.2mm, which is quite a lot thinner than some other dual 18650 devices. In all honesty, I was expecting it to be a far more chunky device just by nature of its design.

However, despite the weight of the mod I quite happily class this a portable dual battery device.

Augvape V200 Mod


While there isn’t any real innovation in the design of the V200, after all, it looks like a Honda engine.

There are some clever design decisions like scroll wheel to control the mod looking like the oil filter cap of the engine. The 510 connection sparking a resemblance to a wheel hub. Even the screen, fire button, and micro USB port do not look out of place in the seamless central black slither.

It’s these little nuances that keep the V200 looking clean and authentic, but also add to the comfortable, practical use.

Augvape V200 Mod

Maybe one of the reasons Augvape were able to keep this quite a slim and streamlined device, is due to it having an almost back to basics board.

The V200 only has 3 modes; Normal, V Mode, and Bypass Mode.

There are no fancy features like preheat settings or curve modes, and even more surprisingly there’s no temp control.

Normal mode is exactly that, your straight up wattage mode.

V Mode acts as a boost or hard setting, which is also supposed to decrease ramp-up time. I didn’t really notice the difference between this and normal mode, as it seems to fire pretty instant in normal mode anyway.

Bypass mode allows you to hit with whatever voltage you have left in the batteries (coil resistance dependant) bypassing the regulator to simulate a mech mod.

The V200 also has vape while charging, and pauses the charge while you have a vape.

Augvape V200 Mod


The V200 box mod is one of the easiest devices to use.

That’s not just down to it having a lack of features or confusing menu’s to navigate, but also because of the controls.

The fire button which is integrated into the top of the screen is really responsive and clicky, and a delight to use.

The control wheel feels natural to handle and makes it easy to navigate the menu and adjustments settings up and down.

The only operating controls you need to know are:

  • Five clicks of fire button to turn on and off
  • Three clicks of fire button to enter the menu
  • Use the wheel to navigate through the menu options
  • To lock wattage hold fire button and turn wheel up – repeat to unlock
  • Wake up the device with any button (goes into sleep mode after idling for 60 secs)
  • Press the fire button and wheel down together, you lock and unlock the atomizer
Augvape V200 Mod

When it comes to performance, the V200 really has some horsepower behind it.

You may not be able to set power curves or TCR values, but you can certainly get a great vape experience from the sheer raw power.

Wattage Mode

The V200 hits fast, and it hits hard.

I don’t have the ability to measure the exact power output to see if it hits the 200W advertised. But I’m sure it can’t be far off.

It really is a powerful and excellent performing device when it comes to wattage or normal mode.

Augvape V200 Mod


Set this thing into V Mode and it becomes even more powerful.

Not massively so that it will blow your socks off, but with certain builds, you will feel it, along with the faster ramp time. It’s noticeably more in the low to medium wattage ranges up to 120W.

Although personally, I didn’t feel the need to use V-Mode that often and was more than happy with the performance in Normal mode.

Temperature Control Mode

Non existant.

If you are a temp control vaper, this device is unquestionably not for you.

Augvape V200 Mod

Battery Life

You’d typically expect most dual 18650 devices to be fairly equal when it comes to battery life.

That’s certainly not the case, and the V200 shocked me with just how efficient it is with the batteries.

It’s probably down to the simplified board, but Augvape has done an excellent job at making this device just sip at the power.

You could say, even though it’s a power monster the V200 is quite easy on the gas


The Augvape V200 does have a quirkiness about it as pays homage to the Honda B VTEC engine. But fundamentally that quirkiness is backed by the excellent build quality of a great performing mod.

Which is quite unlike some of the plastic cheaper looking mods that have flashing LEDs just for the sake of it.

I didn’t especially miss having all the extra features, and sometimes simplicity is key, especially when it comes in a good-looking compact design with great battery life.

However, if you’re a temp control vaper, then look elsewhere.

The Augvape V200 is a no-nonsense powerful daily beater and one which I have grown particularly fond of. If you like the look of it and don’t need all the bells and whistles, it’s a very solid purchase.

Now It’s Available :

Augvape V200 Bypass Box Mod

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Hellvape ReBirth RDA

With the Exceed D19 kit , Joyetech offers a complete electronic cigarette, simple, pleasant for all types of vape and with a good autonomy. All at a very reasonable price.

A very well done kit

The kit Exceed D19 comes complete with the battery of 1500 mAh, the clearomiseur two resistances 0.5 and 1.2 ohm, a USB microphone cable for charging and replacement joints. All you have to do is add the liquid and you will be ready to vape.

The realization is excellent, the kit does not suffer from any particular defect of finish and it is available in various colors. The clearomizer is attached to the battery via a standard 510 connection, no problem for use with other equipment.

Technical Review

Essential features of the Joyetech Exceed D19 kit

  • Dimensions: 19 x 118 mm
  • Capacity: 2 ml
  • Battery: integrated 1500 mAh
  • Weight: 74 g
  • Connection: 510
  • Filling: from above
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Drip tip 510
  • Micro USB port Yes
  • Tank material: Pyrex
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Origin: China

The pack includes

  • 1 battery Exceed D19 1500 mAh
  • 1 Exceed D19 clearomiser
  • 1 resistance 0.5 ohm
  • 1 resistor 1.2 ohm
  • 1 spare Pyrex tank
  • 1 set of spare seals
  • 1 micro USB cable
  • 1 user manual

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Good battery capacity

The battery has a capacity of 1500 mAh, which is very correct given its compactness. With a diameter of 19 mm, the kit fits easily in the pocket, and the day for the vape . At least with the resistance of 1.2 ohm, that of 0.5 ohm logically using more power, it can impose an intermediate recharge.

The trigger button, the only moving part, has a bit of play in its slot, but nothing too bad. The click is clean and the trigger flawless. The user manual is simple: five presses on the button to turn the battery on or off, then press to eject.

Around the 510 connection, a diffuser illuminates the top of the battery and shows you the remaining charge level as well as the operating mode: constant voltage (orange color) or direct output (white color). We switch from one to the other by a long press on the off battery trigger.

In direct output mode, the power sent to the atomizer will decrease with the discharge of the battery. It does not provide any regulation of the output voltage. The signal on the oscilloscope is logically very flat and the perfect vape.

In constant voltage mode, the battery will regulate the output voltage, and therefore the power of vape, so that it does not change according to the charge level of the battery . The voltage, therefore the power of vape remains constant throughout the discharge of the battery. The Exceed D19 does this by going through pulsations that are clearly seen on the plot on the oscilloscope. They are however close enough to not be sensitive to the vape. It is logically the mode that can be recommended.

The atomizer is simple and pleasant

The Exceed D19 atomizer is not revolutionary, but it is easy to use and efficient. The capacity of 2 ml is sufficient with the resistances of 1.2 ohm, with which one consumes few liquids, but proves a little fair with those of 0,5 ohm.

Fortunately, filling the tank is easy . Simply unscrew the top of the atomizer which includes the fixed drip tip and the top cap , which allows access to two large filling openings. Do not hesitate to close the air inlets before filling to limit the risk of leakage of liquid – despite all very rare – by these air arrivals.

The adjustment of the airflow precisely is a great surprise on this atomizer. It is done by turning the lower ring, which can either let the air pass through a wide opening perfect for direct inhalation (to the lungs) restrictive, or by three small holes for indirect inhalation ( MTL ) so in two time (as for a tobacco cigarette). Leaving only one of the three small open holes, we have a very tight airflow, ideal for beginners and fans of this style of vape.

Two additional resistors

Both types of resistors available are entirely consistent with these two styles of airflow.

The resistance of 0.5 ohm is recommended for a vape in direct inhalation between 20 and 35 W. On the battery Exceed D19, one has a vape around 28 W that suits him perfectly. The vape and pleasant with a flow of air without turbulence, and a very good rendering of flavors . The internal chimney of the resistor is significantly wider than that of 1.2 ohm, which allows the air to pass easily.

The 1.2 ohm resistance is really intended for MTL, inhaling the vapor first in the mouth and then in the lungs. The internal chimney is reduced to fit the tight airflow and the vape is also very nice with this resistance. It is recommended between 8 and 14 W, and will come out about 12 W with the kit’s battery.

This kit Exceed D19 is versatile and as pleasant to 28 W in direct inhalation as 12 W in MTL, with the resistances and the adapted airflow. The rendering of flavors is very good in both cases, the hit and the vape nice. 

In summary

 WE love

  • Its realization and finishes
  • Its compactness
  • The approval of vape
  • Its indirect / direct inhalation versatility
  • The rendering of flavors
  • Autonomy with 1.2 ohm resistance

 We do not like

  • The direct output mode useless?
  • 2 ml capacity a bit fair with 0.5 ohm resistance
  • Autonomy with 0.5 ohm resistance


Our rating: 5/5 . This Exceed D19 kit is versatile and as comfortable at 28W in direct inhalation as at 12W in MTL, with the right resistances and airflow. The rendering of flavors is very good in both cases, the hit and the vape nice. It is also easy to use and offers good battery life, making it an excellent choice for beginners or as an easy-to-carry kit . 

Now It’s Available :

Joyetech Exceed D19 Starter Kit

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Hellvape ReBirth RDA



Oh yeah! This looks like a Big Boy tank. It is fat in the middle and tapers down towards the bottom. The knurling on this thing is just deep and rigid. You can get a really good grip on it for sure. The factory coils look absolutely massive. Oh, and what have we here? It’s a beautiful resin drip tip. Wow, I hope it vapes half as good as it looks.


  • One Ijoy CIGPET ECO12 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One ECO T12 Duodenery Coil Head
  • One ECO Q4 Quadruple Coil Head
  • One Replacement Glass Tank Section
  • One 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Spare Parts Pack
  • Warranty Card

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iJoy Cigpet ECO12 Review


The first thing that catches your eye when you open the box is the absolutely gorgeous resin drip tip. I have no idea why every company just doesn’t do this. These are exactly the types of drip tips that most vapers want. The drip tip is a little on the loose side and it would definitely benefit from some heavier o’rings. Next, we have the knurled top cap. The machining and the knurling on this tank are just some next level stuff. This is the way a tank should be machined and knurled. The grooves are big, deep, and rigid providing the vaper with a phenomenal grip. Superbly done, Cigpet.

iJoy Cigpet ECO12 Review

That leads me off on a little tangent. Whats with the name Cigpet? Is China really running out of quality names for their companies? Cigpet? Really? Sorry guys, but that name is just ridiculous. You really should look into coming up with a better name for your company. Cigpet just does not inspire confidence of a quality product and that’s a shame because this is really a high-quality tank.

iJoy Cigpet ECO12 Review

The diameter on the base of the Eco is 28mm but the tank is a lot thicker in the middle. This gives it the ability to hold a whopping 6.5 mL of liquid. The glass section is made out of Pyrex. The chimney screws into the top of the coil and the bottom of the coil screws into the base of the tank. The flavor comes directly out of the coil and into the short chimney so it does not have far to go before it reaches your taste buds. Airflow on the Eco is massive but extremely smooth. Make no mistake about it people, this is a cloud chucking beast along the same lines of the Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King. In fact, the coils for this tank and the TFV12 are both compatible with each other. On the base of the Eco 12, there are two adjustable airflow slots. They do have a very smooth action to them. This tank is strictly for vapers that love massive lung hits. Even if you do cut down the airflow all the way to just a sliver, you will get a very loose restricted lung hit. The 510 is gold plated and the tank does sit flush on all of my mod’s. The threading on the 510 is excellent and buttery smooth. This tank is available in black, SS, and rainbow.

iJoy Cigpet ECO12 Review


This tank does have a ton of high-wattage power mode coils available to it. I do wish the makers of some of these high wattage tanks would start making coils that are TC compatible. To my knowledge, all of the Eco coils that are available can only be run in power mode. Here are the coils that are available and they’re ranges.

  • .15 ohm X4 coil 60 – 200 watt range (included)
  • .15 Q4 coil 60 – 180 watt range
  • .12 ohm T12 coil 60 – 350 watt range (included)
  • .12 ohm T14 coil 60 – 360 watt range
  • .11 ohm T16 coil 60 – 400 watt range

iJoy Cigpet ECO12 Review

The T12 and Q4 coils are the ones that are included in the box when you purchase your Eco 12. Cigpet was kind enough to send me the RBA base that is a separate purchase. I will include it in my review but if you have read my reviews in the past, you know that Cigpet not including it in the point of sale is a major con for me that will not win them any points in my book. It is my true belief that all these massive cloud chucking tanks that have an RBA section available should have it included in the initial purchase.

The RDA deck is basically the same deck that sick pet uses in their Eco RDA. It is a two post deck with three post holes on each side. So, you can really get kind of crazy with your builds in this deck. It is definitely interesting and innovative. I just wish it was included in the initial purchase. Bad Cigpet, bad Cigpet!

iJoy Cigpet ECO12 Review

Out of the included coils that I received, I have to say that I did enjoy the T12 coil best. The flavor that I got off of it was just intense even though I had to vape it at wattages that I am really not used to. In my opinion, the T12 coil does not even start producing decent flavor until it hits 100 watts. Normally, that is way too hot for me and I hardly ever vape up in those ranges but the T12 coil seemed to handle it without a problem. At 150 watts, I was getting really intense flavor and massive clouds. The coil had no problem keeping up at all and I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed vaping at this wattage. Definitely a fantastic, intensely flavorful vape. I did push the coil past 200 watts and it was just a little too hot for me but not ridiculously hot. Then I took the coil and pushed it to the 350 watt range. To be honest it was not nearly as hot as I thought it would be but it was definitely too hot for the way I personally vape. I took about 5 half a second hits off of it at that wattage and surprisingly the coil kept up just fine. I do know that there are vapers that vape in this super high range but I am certainly not one of them. I’m not judging, you do what works for you but at over 200 Watts, it’s not my type of vape and definitely not enjoyable to me.

iJoy Cigpet ECO12 Review

I also tried the X4 coil and I do like it right around 100 watts. The coil is rated up to 200 watts and I did push it that high just to see what it tasted like. Again, this is just not my style of vaping and while the coil did an excellent job of keeping up at that wattage, it’s just not my style. I did like the flavor that I got off of the X4 coil right around 100 watts. Out of the two, the T12 was definitely my favorite because I think the flavor was just more intense and the clouds were significantly better as well.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the other coils in this coil family because they were not included in the package for this review. I do know that along with the other coils in this family, the Eco 12 does accept Smok TFV12 coils as well. That’s definitely a pro because it gives you a ton of options when buying new coils for this tank.


The RBA base on the Eco 12 is pretty straightforward and easy to use. I personally like using the top row of post holes and that is exactly where I mounted my two stainless steel fused Clapton’s. Wicking is as easy as placing your cotton in the juice holes. So far, I have not experienced any dry hits or leaking issues when using the RBA section of this tank. The vape quality I get with the base is really nice and I will definitely be using it a lot.

iJoy Cigpet ECO12 Review

Right now, as I said above, I have my stainless steel fused Clapton’s sitting in there at .2 ohms at 80 Watts and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. I am getting an excellent vape that is dense, flavorful and cloudy. Definitely, a worthy addition even though it is a separate purchase. That is especially true because the coils in this category can get rather expensive. So, buying the RBA section even as a separate purchase makes good financial sense.


As I alluded to earlier in this review, this is a cloud-chucking beast. It can chuck clouds for sure. If you are one of those clouds bro vapers, then this tank was made for you. Personally, I’m really not into cloud chucking all of the time. I do like to blow my massive clouds every once in awhile but to be honest, it really isn’t the way I vape 90% of the time. For the times that I do want to chuck massive clouds, this is definitely the tank that I reach for. For a tank that is a clouds-first tank, the flavor is surprisingly good as well. I will warn you, this tank does suck down the juice so you either need to DIY or own a juice company. The Eco 12 can definitely pull down the juice in no time.

Right now, I’m running the .12 T12 coil in there and I am getting an extremely flavorful cool vape even at 100 watts. At 150 watts, the Vape does get a little bit hotter, the clouds definitely get bigger, and the flavor gets more intense. At 175 Watts, the vape gets noticeably hotter, the clouds are just ridiculous, but there is a significant loss of flavor for me. At 250 Watts, I can take a pull for like a half a second and the tank does keep up wicking wise but for me, personally, it’s just too damn hot. I’ll be honest, I can’t see how anyone actually enjoys vaping at this level but I know there are people out there that do. I like this coil between 95 and 150 watts, I feel that is the sweet spot for this coil that gives you the best compromise of flavor and massive clouds.


The Cigpet Eco 12 is a well designed, beautifully machined, high wattage, sub ohm tank. If that is your style of vaping, then the Eco 12 is a must have for you. It can definitely run with the big dogs in this subcategory. I like the look, the resin drip tip, and the quality feel of this tank. While it does accept TFV12 coils, I have to say that quality-wise, the Eco 12 is just a better overall tank. I think the machining on it is much better than the Smok TFV12. So, if you’re not a Smok fan but you’re looking for a tank that can do a phenomenal job running their coils, then you really don’t have to look any further.

Now It’s Available :iJoy CIGPET ECO RDA

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