Freemax Fireluke Mesh Tank Review

Freemax Fireluke Mesh intro

When it comes to tanks, Freemax makes underrated atomizers. I have three them which I am very pleased with in terms of performance and build quality. The first two I got were the Starre Pure and the OG Fireluke, which to me are every bit as good as — if not better than — the more popular Uwell Crown III.

The third of my Freemax tanks is the new Fireluke Mesh Tank. It’s a striking 24 mm subohm tank that uses mesh coils. It comes in three different finishes: steel, carbon fiber, and resin — each in a variety of colors. The steel version has a unique knurled design that matches the metal casing of the coil head.

Freemax Fireluke Mesh specs and features

Kit Content


Notable remarks


Freemax Fireluke mesh tank

The Freemax Fireluke Mesh Tank is one of the best-looking tanks I’ve ever seen. Granted, looks don’t affect performance one bit, but I love the way this tank is designed. I received the Gold Steel and the Purple Resin versions. The steel version has a textured checkerboard pattern – just like the old school Gus Lord mechanical mod. It sort of looks like a piece of mesh, matching the theme of the tank. And the coil heads feature the same mesh checkerboard design and also match the color of the actual device.

Note: I don’t currently see these colored coil heads for sale yet, so after you finish with the included coils you might be stuck with the stainless-steel ones until they are available.

Each tank comes complete with a matching 810 drip tip. I’m a fan of the resin version, and can see resin tanks becoming a trend in 2018. The purple version looks fantastic. It doesn’t have that checkerboard design, but the resin itself looks beautiful and also comes with a matching resin 810 tip and stainless steel coils. I have yet to see the carbon fiber edition up close.

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Features and functions

Freemax Fireluke mesh tank

The Freemax Fireluke Mesh uses a short-profile 810 drip tip so you can use other Goon-style tips with it. The tank has bottom airflow with two large air slots that are easy to adjust. It’s nice and smooth, but at also not too loose. And I’m happy that Freemax decided to use a stopper instead of allowing the ring to spin freely.

The Mesh uses two massive top-fill ports that can be accessed by unscrewing the top top. These ports take up about 95 percent of the top-fill portion, so there’s plenty of room to fill with any kind of bottle. You can even pour juice straight in from a glass dropper bottle without using the dropper! It disassembles easily into four parts: top cap, fill cap, glass, and bottom base.

But the tank must be empty before replacing the coil head. The coil itself screws into the base and holds the tank together when you screw it into the fill cap. The o-rings are great as well. The tank is listed as 24 mm in diameter, but I measured it closer to 24.5 mm (approximately the size of the SMOK Big Baby Beast), which should still be fine for most newer mods. Many mods now can handle at least a 25 mm atomizer without overhang.

Coil performance

Freemax Fireluke mesh tank

Now to the important stuff. How does it vape? There is only one coil option currently available for the Freemax Fireluke Mesh and that is a 0.15-ohm Kanthal mesh coil with organic cotton. It has a lot — and I mean A LOT — of cotton, so make sure you prime it correctly. Put a few drops directly on the coil first. Then put it in the tank. Fill up the tank, then wait 15-20 minutes to let it saturate. Be sure to first take a few puffs without firing the tank. Start at low wattage first, around 50 watts, then work your way up. I find it best at 65-70 watts, but usable anywhere between 50-75 watts.

Overall, I found the flavor and vapor production to be excellent. It’s one of the best, if not thebest, sub ohm tanks that works well at fewer than 70 watts. This is most likely due to its mesh coil heads, which provide a lot more surface area than a regular coil. That has a positive impact on flavor. It also works really well on mods with a non-adjustable, direct-output single battery, or parallel mods like the DPRO 133, Teslacigs 3, or a stick mod like the SMOK Stick V8 or Vaptio C-II.

I found the coil life to be well above average. I’ve been vaping on the same coil for over two weeks now and it’s showing no signs of slowing down at all. These coils will surely last much longer than most typical sub ohm coil heads, once again due to the unique mesh coil system.


  • Good build quality
  • Smooth and clean threads
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Large fill ports
  • No Leaks
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Different finish options
  • Excellent flavor and vapor production
  • Long-lasting coil heads
  • Includes matching 810 resin drip tip


  • Tank must be empty to replace coil heads
  • No RBA deck available
  • “Red Resin” looks pinkish
  • Coils not currently for sale in matching colors


I’m very impressed with the Fireluke Mesh tank. It’s designed and constructed quite nicely. With so many options for resin, metal or carbon fiber, there should be a look suitable for every appropriate mod out there. And among sub ohm tanks, it’s hard to beat this one without using a lot more wattage. The tank is easy to fill and I had no leaks or condensation. It just works really well and is quickly becoming one of my favorite sub ohm tanks.

How do you feel about mesh coils? Will this be the new trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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Now It’s Available : Freemax Fireluke Mesh Tank

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Vaporesso Aurora Play Review

For which I have always loved Vaporesso , it is for constant experiments in design. One of the most noticeable and specific products for me was the Aurora Kit , styled as a classic Zippo lighter . At the time the device was released, the AIO segment was not so strongly developed and the wow effect worked. Let’s see if they can repeat the success with Aurora Play .
Aurora Play by Vaporesso
As you can see, the overall concept remains the same. Designers again want to play on the recognition of these most Zippoand we must admit – the result is good. The body was made less angular, and the similarity with the lighters is not so strong. At the same time, the thing looks stylish and blush for yourself the owner does not force. It is suitable not only as a device, but also as a stylish accessory.
Aurora Play by Vaporesso
Dimensions :

Height – 78.8 mm.
Width – 43.7 mm.
Thickness – 15.5 mm.
Aurora Play by Vaporesso
You can just twist in your hands, but you can play with the lid and hope that the mechanism’s resource will last for a long time: D
From myself I would like to add that I like the novelty exactly until I imagine the experience of its use. Effectively throw back the lid, and then soar with the lid, which remains in the same position. I understand that something has to be sacrificed, but this is somehow too uncomfortable.
Aurora Play by VaporessoAurora Play by Vaporesso
As it is easy to guess, the novelty is designed for use in the tight tightening mode and the possibilities end in meeting the basic needs of the vaper. Works Aurora Play on the chip Omni Board Mini . The battery capacity is 650 mah, it charges in about 45 minutes with micro usb (1A). Depending on the cartridge used, the battery produces 10W or 18 to 20W. For on / off side button is located next to the indicator.
Aurora Play by VaporessoAurora Play by Vaporesso
The activation of the device itself takes place via a puff sensor. As already understood, the user chooses two options for cartridges – 1.3 ohm or 0.65 ohm. The manufacturer makes a distinction according to the type of liquid used – on salt or ordinary nicotine. The capacity of the tank is 2 ml. Judging by the description, the system of priming is considered a subject of pride – Press-To-Fill.
Aurora Play by Vaporesso
Aurora Play by Vaporesso

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Now It’s Available :

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Augvape V200 Review

With its new box V200 Mod , Augvape innovates on the design with an interesting reference to the automotive technology. You could only dissect the approval of engines VTEC transposed to the vape with an impatience to smoke the oscilloscope.

Automotive inspired design

The least we can say is that the design of the box V200 Augvape is not commonplace. It is actually inspired by a car engine, the Honda B18C, which looks like the top, the one visible when you open the hood. Super will you tell me, but when will the mod inspired from a lawn mower rocker? Well actually the idea is not as crazy as that, and allowed Augvape to place some really interesting innovations.

One of the peculiarities of this engine is the variable VTEC distribution. This technique developed by Honda makes it possible to adapt the distribution according to the engine speed to have more torque at low speed without losing power when climbing in the towers. What relationship with the vape? More roundness and responsiveness at low power, more dynamics at high power, to draw a parallel. And in particular less “diesel” effect (there, the analogy becomes talking!) With the big montages with weak power. In a word, a motor (mod) optimized regardless of the speed (power) to have the best performance without latency acceleration (vape). All in all, the parallel holds the road (sorry, I could not put a damper on this game of words yet too easy.I promise I will not do it again, let’s resume our thread).

Technical Review

The essential characteristics of the Augvape V200

Type electronic
Form box
Height 87.5 mm
Width 45 mm
Thickness 29.2 mm
Power 5 to 200 W
modes power, bypass , V200
batteries 2 x 18650

The box includes

Box V200 1
Micro USB cable 1
Manual 1 in English only

An original ergonomics

The resemblance to the high engine of the B18C inspired Augvape for the ergonomics of the V200. The trigger button to start is built into the screen. To vaper, just press the top of the black band on the front of the box. The “button” is invisible, but the click is firm and sensitive. Being positioned on the front and not the edge of the box, the trigger is possible with the tip of the thumb but even more pleasant with the inside of the finger, whether with the right hand or the left.

However, the settings are easier for the right-handed ones. They are done with the small wheel on the side of the box, which pivots up for the most and down for the least. With the left thumb the screen is behind the finger and easily hidden. It’s also a little less convenient than a button for quick set-ups, but the dial is ergonomic and the simplicity of the electronics limits the chances of using it anyway. Augvape has not forgotten the possibility of locking it to prevent unwanted adjustments, just press the trigger and turn it up at the same time.

The connection 510 does not escape the automotive theme with its engraving inspired alloy wheels. Beyond this purely aesthetic detail, the positive spring is firm but its race is a bit fair, I would have preferred to see him back up a little more in the thread for the atomizers with a very short connection.

The box as a whole benefits from irreproachable finishes, everything is impeccable. The slices of the case are not smooth, the thin strip of metal feels clearly and the feeling in hand changes the usual smooth boxes. The contact is not unpleasant far from it, but it may not please for this reason. I go quickly on the battery compartment, the door is easy to handle and has no play even in the open position, all this exudes complete design and seriousness in production.

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A streamlined electronics

The reference to the VTEC engine suggested a relatively complicated electronics, with eccentric modes. It is not so, and the electronics of the V200 Mod is on the contrary purified. A power control mode, adjustable from 5 to 200 W, a bypass mode in which the box does not regulate the output voltage and behaves like a protected mech mod, and a “V200” mode which will be discussed later but which looks like enormously in the power mode.

The display is complete and well contrasted (with 2 brightness settings), and menus very simple. Three clicks on the shutter to access the different modes, the wheel to choose the one you are interested in and you just spare yourself the reading of the user manual. The V200 can quite be recommended to a beginner.

In power control mode, the V200 Mod is accurate and delivers the power it announces, like almost all boxes today. I spare you the traces of the oscilloscope to weak powers, they are a welcome but monotonous dish.

First good surprise in the high powers, the box actually delivers the 200 W it promises, including higher resistances due to a high output voltage.

Second good surprise, it is also very reactive in watts mode, with a latency of only 17 mS to 200 W, which puts it handily in the best. All this is excellent, and it is precisely here that one wonders what mode “V200” specific to this electronics can bring more. We would be on TV, it would be the moment of advertising, just to keep you in this unbearable suspense by making you forever change supplier of peas, especially since two for the price of three it can not be refuse. But we are not on TV, stay with your peas from another age and continue.

V200 mode

And precisely, the V200 mode does not bring anything staggering. The delivered power is a chouia superior to that announced, which is not in itself a good thing but in proportions weak enough so that it remains insensitive to the vape. At moderate powers, no noticeable change, and it is necessary the oscilloscope to realize that the latency between the triggering and the stabilization of the power at 200 W is only 365 μS.

We can salute the technical feat, it is to my knowledge a record of responsiveness, but it is also totally insensitive to the vape compared to 17 mS watts mode. From this point of view, the analogy with the VTEC engine is not usurped, but concretely the “V200” mode is not used for much, and a “Curve” mode to modulate the power at the beginning of the vape remains finally much more useful to avoid the diesel effect of big montages.  

In summary

WE love

  • The quality of the finishes
  • The successful design and realization
  • ergonomics
  • The simplicity of use
  • The quality of vape
  • The reactivity of the trigger
  • originality

We do not like

  • The little usefulness of the V200 mode
  • The lack of temperature control, but it’s the other side of the coin of simplicity.

The box V200 Mod is particularly well designed and realized. It is ergonomic, original, provides a pleasant vape and shines with its responsiveness. If the V200 mode is more marketing than the perceptible progress to the vape, it remains nonetheless that it is a box really simple and very effective, to remember if the temperature control is not useful.

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Now It’s Available :

Augvape V200 Box Mod

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The demand for pod style vaporizers are steadily increasing and we are already seeing it by the sheer amount of pod systems being released every month. The good thing is that due to the increasing demand, we know that there are more people who are making the switch. But now and then, we see something like the Smoant Karat, a pod system that has a unique design which can easily distinguish itself from the rest. Not only that it has a cool looking design, but it also provides a good vaping experience with its new coil called the quartz coil.

Product Pros

  • Stylish shape and design
  • Leak free magnetic pod
  • Constant voltage output

Product Cons

  • Small battery size


Smoant Karat Pod Kit Review: Breakdown

Smoant Karat side view

Build Quality

What makes the Smoant Karat unique is its design. As you guessed from its name “Karat”, the Smoant Karat based its design on a diamond. It has sharp edges to give it that diamond look but the cool thing is, the edges are beveled so it is still easy to hold in the hand.

The Karat is made of zinc alloy and is available in 5 different color options which are blue, black, gun metal, gradient blue, and rainbow. The coating looks good in any color options but my personal favorites are the gun metal which has a brushed metal look to it and the gradient blue which has a glossy finish.

Like most pod systems, the Smoant Karat has no buttons whatsoever as it has an automatic draw system. It only has a small diamond shaped logo on the front which has the LED indicator for the battery, a micro USB port on the side for charging and lanyard holes on the bottom.

It has a very simple and clean look which I believe will suit everyone’s taste. When it comes to using the Smoant Karat, it is as easy as any pod system can get. It has 2 separate parts which are the 2 ml pod and the body. The pod is magnetic and refillable so all you have to do is fill it with your favorite e liquid, drop it into the top slot and you are golden.

The Smoant Karat has a built-in battery that has a capacity of 370 mah which is kind of alright considering the size of the device. It definitely won’t last a day if you are a chain vaper but the good thing is it supports pass-through charging so you can enjoy vaping anytime even when charging.

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Vapor Quality

The Karat uses what Smoant calls the quartz coil. It sounds new and innovative but it is just a name they made for their own vertical ceramic coil build. What they did is they baked a spaced coil in a porous ceramic material and wrapped it with organic cotton.

The beauty of a ceramic coil is that it lasts longer than normal coils and has a shorter priming time which means you won’t get that off-tasting flavor when the coil is new. It also helps with the even distribution of heat so you can get an overall cleaner flavor with every puff.

It also helps that the Smoant Karat has a stable voltage output which means it will constantly output 3.4 volts from a full battery charge all the way until it runs out. It means that the vape quality will never change unlike those that don’t have this feature where you will notice a significant drop in vapor quality when the battery drains.

While the flavor production is excellent on the Smoant Karat, the vapor production is where it is lacking which is to be expected on a pod system. It is not a sub ohm mod but it can produce an adequate amount of vapor depending on the e liquid blend you are using.

Smoant Karat flat display


Like most pod systems on the market, the Smoant Karat doesn’t offer anything other than its constant voltage output. It doesn’t have any adjustment settings such as wattage output or airflow control and it will always be a mouth to lung device.

At least Smoant made the pod refillable which is a very good thing since you can use any e liquid you want but I hope they included an extra pod in the box as you only get 1


The Smoant Karat is one of the most portable pod systems on the market. It is only 88mm in height, 48mm in length and 12mm in width. It is a thin and lightweight device which makes it a very pocket-friendly device.

Smoant Karat detached


The Smoant Karat, in my opinion, is the best looking pod system on the market right now. It has a unique design and even though its sharp edges looks like it will make the device very uncomfortable to hold, you will be surprised with how well they made it very ergonomic.

Aside from the looks, its performance is really good as well for a pod system. The quartz coil produces a very clean flavor and an adequate amount of vapor, and its constant voltage output also makes sure that you get the same vape quality all throughout.

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Now It’s Available : Smoant KARAT Pod System Kit

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