Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit Review

The decision to buy a POD or an AIO-system has recently been taken by more and more vapers, since many are already rather tired of cumbersome box modes and massive atomizers. Small, but quite productive and autonomous AIO-systems are gradually replacing the usual devices. Another reason why such devices have become popular is the use of liquids based on salt nicotine, due to which you can almost instantly saturate the body with nicotine and not do 10-20 deep drags. Manufacturers are constantly trying to surprise vapers with their devices, and some of these devices are simply not noticed by users who prefer proven brands. Eleaf products have always been under the special attention of vapers, so the release of the new POD-system Tance Max Pod Kit immediately interested vapers. It is worth saying that the company released almost simultaneously two devices – Tance Max and Tance, the first option being equipped with a more powerful battery and a large reservoir for liquids, and the second one has compact dimensions and works on replaceable cartridges. We can confidently say that the Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit will definitely interest many vapers, since it is not only autonomous, but also productive and easy to use.

General information

Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit is a medium-sized AIO system, equipped with a powerful battery and working on replaceable evaporators, the tightening of which can be adjusted, allowing you to use liquids on organic and salt nicotine and allowing you to get decent taste. The fact that the device is not the most compact in size is explained very simply – it uses a powerful battery and a reservoir for high-volume liquid. It is worth saying that this combination is quite practical and interesting, since the vaper will get a very serious autonomy, and this is good news. Very convenient is that the device automatically selects the voltage applied to the evaporator depending on its resistance. Many vapers will appreciate adjustable airflow, depending on vaper preferences. Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit is presented in original designs.

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The Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit belongs to the middle-class AIO-systems, so the manufacturer completed it quite standardly – the vaper will find everything in the box that is necessary for the smooth operation of the device for some time:

  • Battery Tance Max Battery;
  • Tance Max Cartridge Cartridge;
  • Evaporator GS Air M6ohm Head on the cantal net;
  • Evaporator GS Air S6ohm Head on a stainless steel spiral;
  • USB TYPE-C cable for charging;
  • User’s manual.

Battery Pack Tance Max Battery

It should immediately warn vapers who are accustomed to miniature POD-systems that the Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit is far from being so small. The device has quite impressive dimensions (as for the AIO-system) – 31.2×20.36×101 mm (width / thickness / height), but this is very simply explained, as it is equipped with a powerful battery and a large-volume cartridge.

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An important feature of this device is that the manufacturer made it a little “pot-bellied,” but at the same time the ergonomics did not suffer a bit. It is interesting that the manufacturer offers this device in bright and non-standard colors with original drawings, so that the vaper can stand out among the owners of black / gray / red devices.

Built-in battery capacity of 1100 mAh will allow you to get a very good autonomy. The battery is charged using the USB TYPE-C connector located on the bottom of the device. This technical solution makes it possible to quickly charge the device, and this is important for systems of this format.

It is interesting that the maximum power of the Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit is 15 watts, and it is automatically adjusted by the chipset depending on the resistance of the installed evaporator.

Cartridge, vaporizers and usage features

We can say a special thank you to the developers of the company who decided to make the Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit with replaceable evaporators (in the version of Eleaf Tance, replaceable cartridges are used). This approach allows the vaper not only to decide independently which evaporator to use, but also to save a lot on maintenance, since you just need to buy evaporators, and they are cheaper than the cartridge.

Initially, the Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit is equipped with two GS Air series evaporators on a cantal and stainless steel coil with a resistance of 0.6 and 1.6 Ohms, respectively. But if you wish, you can use one of five options for evaporators with different resistance, which can be bought separately.

Special attention is given to the fact that there is a blower adjustment, and a point one, with which the vaper can independently select the optimum mode of operation depending on his preferences.

In order to refill the cartridge, it is necessary to remove it from the battery pack, turn it over, open the refill hole and fill in the liquid. It is worth knowing that 4 ml is placed in it, and for devices of this class it is a breakthrough.

Conclusions and impressions

If the vaper is looking for an interesting AIO system that is not only relatively compact and autonomous, but also productive and easy to maintain, then the Eleaf Tance Max Pod Kit is one of the best options. The originally designed device with the ability to use different evaporators is perfect for liquids, both on organic and on salt nicotine.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The button on the center of the device is only for inclusion;
  • Considerable, as for the POD-system sizes.


  • Original design;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Fast charge;
  • Automatic power adjustment;
  • Replaceable evaporators;
  • Large tank volume;
  • Good taste.

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