Ehpro Kelpie RTA Evaluation – A strong Tank

The Ehpro Kelpie RTA is really an individual coil tank and a joint task between award-winning UK dependent vape reviewer Victor Mullins aka Vaping With Vic and well-known vaping business EHPRO.

Crucial Functions The Ehpro Kelpie is actually a 25mm individual coil RTA designed by Ecigclick Vape Award-winning reviewer Victor Mullins aka Vaping With Vic and it is his very first undertaking.

It provides a fifty percent water pipe honeycomb airflow though with a bit of a perspective. There are 30 slots with those directly underneath the coil bored to tears slightly smaller. The others encircle the coil and seem to be drilled in slightly various angles…nice feel.

The ingenious deck design means whichever way your coil thighs and legs have been twisted they will easily fit in easily – either discussing one side or splitting them.

The Kelpie RTA has a bottom part airflow style that initially thoughts suggests the size of it means this will be an airy container – as to if that’s the case I’ll tackle later on.

The chamber is domed and offered this is a relatively little RTA it indicates the coil is closer to the mouth advising this can be a really flavorsome vape indeed…as to if that’s the situation we shall see soon.

Style and Build Quality

EHPRO generally make reasonable tanks, as well as the machining on the Kelpie, is the first-rate with little or no screeching even directly from the package – those threads are clean.

The identical can be stated for that airflow manage. I actually have found very many more compact RTAs with base fed airflow are difficult to alter while on a mod. No problems whatsoever with all the Kelpie since the generous yet modest knurling makes for an excellent grip – great tension as well.

A cause for issue on some of the initial batch continues to be the looseness from the sliding best fill.

Unhappy to express mine is looser when compared to a wizard’s sleeve. Whilst I have undertaken this out and about I’ve up to now got no spills but do locate myself constantly looking at for a moist area in my pocket…ooer, missus…I imagine it’s just the fortune from the draw in this first batch as some are free while others are small and do snap shut having a gratifying simply click.

How’s the Flavour and Clouds Off of the Ehpro Kelpie RTA

A combination of very clever airflow and a lowered domed barrel signifies the flavor off of the Kelpie RTA is phenomenal even at far lower temperature ranges. Making use of the offered coil I’m getting .22ohms and operating it at merely 45w and trust me that flavor is zinging off my flavor buds with amazing vaper to compliment! I pressed it to 55w and felt a noted rise in both flavor and clouds – however previous that on my own creation and I could feel it had been excessive.

We have popped within the last of my Wotofo Quad Primary Fused Claptons which arrived slightly reduced at .18ohms and vaped steadily at 60w. Once again the vape warmed up with amazing flavor and incredible clouds. Forced to 70w once again I experienced issues while nowhere near hot was just a little on the benefit as they say. So, and according to your creativity, this little person executes very well indeed in the middle-array wattage.

Parameters of Ehpro Kelpie RTA

Size: 25 x 40mm

Capacity: 2ml (a 3.5ml bubble glass tube included)

Material: Stainless Steel/Glass

Thread: 510 thread

Package Included of Ehpro Kelpie RTA

1x Ehpro Kelpie RTA 2ml

2x Pre-made Coils

1x 3.5ml Glass Tube

3x O-rings

1x Screwdriver

4x Philips Head Screws

1x Cotton

1x User Manual

1x Warranty Card

1x Certification Card

This has been just about the most eagerly expected vape lets out of the season and I think it is possible to inform the wait around has been worthwhile!

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Ehpro Cold Steel 100 TC Box Mod 120W Evaluation

The Cool Steel 100 TC Box Mod is actually a regulated single battery mod which takes 20700, 18650 and 21700. Somewhat confusingly this is really a 120W device, in spite of getting known as the Cool Metallic 100. I suspect that this title was already decided on when they asked for AmbitionZ input, while he has stated that one of the things he wished to change, was for it to go to 120W rather than the 100W they had prepared. So a significant little single battery mod, capable of 120W (using the proper battery power). So let’s take a look at what we get! This object was directed over free of charge for your purposes of this overview. As always, this in no way adjustments my opinion, and I also shall report back honestly as to what I find. The moment you select the Cold Steel 100 up to you immediately notice the excess weight of it, this is simply not a plastic great!

The whole thing consists of metallic (brass, zinc alloy, and stainless-steel) and features a reassuring heft with it, especially as soon as you fit a 21700 and a tank. It comes in three shade methods, Grey Bubbly (which I have), Black color Obsidian, or Outdated Precious metal. The Grey Bubbly features a lovely vertically brushed finish off that feels really silky and doesn’t pick up fingerprints. However since it’s a rather warm color, it’s not going to be a perfect match with most attys, though it’s near enough having brushed steel. The only real other printing is in the 510 dish where it says Made by Ehpro as well as your serial number.

The design will almost certainly put some individuals in mind from the SL Class from SXmini. However, I don’t truly feel they lose any details with this. When you’re developing just one battery mod you need to locate somewhere to put the board and the switches. It either turns into a tiny box mod or if you wish to maintain the hose design, you are making it taller (my Ehpro Mod 101 Pro is another 26mm in size) or stick it around the side in its own section.

There are also some thoughtful touches, the hose portion has a small hourglass shape to it, so it suits really comfortably within the palm. Also, all the edges in the management area are nicely curved, so it’s really comfortable to hold in spite of its weight. The width (not including the bulge) gets to 27.5mm, but how the top is slanted in for the springtime attached 510, means that this can manage up to 25mm without any overhang. The OLED display is a bit around the small part at 4mm x 18mm, but for that reason and the reality it’s recessed into the steel, you would have to be really unlucky to ever break it. It’s additionally a really nice and bright, I never experienced any difficulty reading it in brilliant sunlight. This is actually an area they’ve increased since some of their earlier mods! When you change it on, the term Cold Steel scrolls over the display, fine with this. However, if you change it off, rather than just converting away from, as well as declaring “Goodbye”, it actually reads “Bye-Bye”, which I couldn’t cease hearing inside a childish sing-track speech!

There’s a good variety of settings here, with pretty much everything you would normally want. It isn’t clear when you initially utilize it, but there’s actually a lesser degree menu concealed behind a number of the alternatives. The menus system is really well designed, sensibly stacking menu options to make the most of the small screen. When you choose Power then you get the solution to select either Typical, Soft or Strong, with slightly different ramp up occasions for each and every to suit your style. The wattage will adjust in .1W increments up to 30W (.5W for 30-120W) for a solitary click and total 1W modifications if you press and maintain. It will also scroll REALLY fast if you ensure that it stays organized down.

Halting at the very top or bottom and after that circular robin. I think this is among the very best modifications I’ve come across and allows you to effortlessly switch your energy, although providing you with a lot of great control. One thing to note is the fact there’s no way you’re going to get 120W from a 18650, although it will still enable you to scroll up to that substantial. Ehpro actually says on their website that 80-120W is only going to be reachable using a battery competent at 40A. In Temperature Management Setting, you initially need to pick your wire type.

I really like the reality that this can be incorporated into environment temp management, as sometimes you have to dig into other choices. And it also enables you to use the complete 120W of the mod in TC, numerous mods restriction you when you switch to temp management and don’t permit you to visit the highest. Once done you are able to go scroll from 200-600°F, it halts, and will also rounded robin into Celsius from 100-315°C. Additionally, it hair the level of resistance once you pick Temp Management, which is actually a helpful feel. I’ve vaped on TC on mods that don’t (or demand another menus step), and if you switch it back on again after having been vaping for quite a while, your level of resistance reading through is way away due to the way the opposition modifications with warmth. Just be sure you always set up Temp Manage while your coil is at space temperature. For the first few times, I used to test it at reduced wattage’s (15-25W) for Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping as well as the battery seems to very last for a long time, happily giving me 2-3 days of hefty vaping.

Something I have done notice though is that it does appear to empty them VERY dried out, so I’d recommend using your electric batteries out ahead of the mod won’t fire anymore. Stepping up to a twin coil Primary to Lung (DTL) container, vaping at 70-100W the battery lifestyle obviously took a big success, however, it would still very last me fifty percent a day quite easily. Their strength management has definitely been enhanced right here.

I set up one of my drippers with many TC wire, I don’t vape in TC often, nevertheless, it seemed to do a pretty good job of throttling down the energy and giving a consistent vape. In addition, it never received to the level where it gave me a dry success. As you can probably tell We have been really amazed at the Ehpro Cold Metallic 100 mod. The quality of the create, as well as the nicely developed menu program, get this effortlessly one of my favorite single electric battery mods. Although my Negatives list is as large as my Benefits, all of them are just small niggles, and they also don’t get much from what exactly is an excellent part of a set.

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Review of the Vaptio ET AUTO Vape Pod System Kit

Vaptio ET AUTO Vape Pod System Kit, Checking out it, my first believed was “this looks pretty like the source decrease.” Almost exactly like it. But it’s sweet. The small alien on the front side is actually a fun tiny feel. The LEDs on the bottom don’t appear too intrusive on first glance. I seriously dislike overly inside your face LEDs, particularly on pod devices. So ideally these aren’t also bad. The tinted pod irks me a tad. I usually have a hard time seeing the juice in tinted pods. Sometimes they’re much easier to see into than the others, but often it doesn’t assist. In addition, it only includes one particular pod. And with the pods being seemingly difficult to find with this, I’d like to have it incorporate 2nd pod to obtain started out. To become completely truthful, I saw many things which I would most likely list as cons. However, I did see some cool issues. It’s cute. And it’s actually pretty tiny too. But most clearly, it’s hefty for as small as it is actually. The whirl it had been much lighter despite becoming larger. But this is apparently made from steel as opposed to the plastic that the spin it kit was created from.

So filling this has been fairly easy going. It offers two openings meaning when they’re both wide open, the atmosphere can getaway and you may fill up without the worry of producing a good deal of clutter. I’m always an individual lover of this sort of satisfying system. It’s been pretty comfy general. It conforms nicely in the hand. And it suits perfectly in the wallet, even tiny fifth wallet. It can be a little hard to get it out of the fifth pocket though. But it’s small and handy. The pods are tinted and this does ensure it is difficult to see the fruit juice amounts. I actually have on occasion vaped it dried up without knowing it. I haven’t experienced any problems with dry hits though once the pod is complete. I’ve utilized to 30PG/70VG without a problem. And that includes chain vaping good smoking. The finish on this is quite terrible though. It has been dropped exactly once and the complete has been scuffed pretty badly by that one drop.

It was from one decline. So it’s definitely not going to hold up to each day use. From that drop, the Directed in the remaining area has got loosened, as has the pod by itself. So although it can feel heavier and tougher than the ” spin ” it from the caption, it doesn’t seem to be. I haven’t obtained any dry hits out of this, however, which can be great. I’ve been using 30PG/70VG juice within it. And I also haven’t had it not fireplace on me. It’s always a solid connection. Therefore it is fairly trustworthy. I didn’t see any actual battery meter studying with this, however. It could just cease without letting you know in the event the battery was low. That can make monitoring your batter virtually extremely hard to do. Asking took about an hour, so practically nothing really to report there. Absolutely nothing fantastic nevertheless it wasn’t very long of a wait either. It didn’t really get comfortable or anything although so that’s an additionally.

Well, the flavor wasn’t everything that great from the pod I had. It wasn’t I couldn’t prefer it or anything, however, it wasn’t up to snuff in comparison to other pod systems I’ve utilized. It was just sorta mediocre for flavor. I did observe an odd taste through the pod, however. It absolutely was a particular remember that reminded me of fresh laundry washing. Although not eliminating 100 % cotton or such as a dried-up hit as it wasn’t dried up in any respect. It took a while with this to go away also. About an entire pod load. This may have been the wicking substance breaking up in. This utilizes porcelain as opposed to cotton for that wicking materials so this may be the case for it. I’ve realized that the tonsils strike was pretty mild. It wasn’t well-defined or really there in any way. It was utilizing comfortable cookie in 18mg. I would personally attribute this again towards the wicking materials. One important thing that actually jumped out at me was the fruit juice usage. It noticed similar to this just drank the liquid. I wiped out about half of the pod in only an hour or so. This can be in part as a result of me making use of it a lot more since I don’t get a good deal of throat success, however. The vapor production was actually pretty gratifying although. Absolutely nothing incredible, but a fair amount more than I expected. It absolutely was pretty enjoyable.

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Anyone Tried AUGVAPE Merlin MTL RTA ?

The Merlin Nano MTL RTA was delivered to me for overview straight from Augvape. Very hot on the pumps from the popularity of nicotine salts, reduced-wattage, and tight draw vaping, the Merlin Nano MTL is a rebuildable mouth area-to-lung vape. I’m an enormous enthusiast of rebuildable MTL atomizers, so I’ve been really thrilled to share this one.


style In common Augvape trend, there aren’t tons of shades to pick from. You might have dark or stainless. That addresses the bases and keeps issues basic, which I like. As well as at 18mm diameter, the container is absolutely skinny. Augvape also includes an attractiveness engagement ring, which you can use to sort of round out the bottom the tank. It’s not necessary and you also don’t have to use it, nevertheless, it really helps to create the tiny 18mm reservoir appear much less unusual over a greater gadget. But generally, I think the reservoir is fairly simple. It doesn’t look good for me. But performance is what really concerns right here.

Drip Idea

You get one particular basic 510 drip idea using the Nano. This can be a thin and taller drip idea intended for a limited attract and it’s manufactured from POM. It fits nicely into the top cap and doesn’t wiggle around or anything. It’s also pretty cozy to utilize.

Leading Cap

The very best cover connects directly to the glass tank. One thing you’d expect on this part would be the fluid fill ports, but that’s not how Augvape designed this. The load ports are in reality on the bottom in the container. We’ll get into that afterward, but in terms of the best cover will go, there’s nothing really into it.

Container Measurements

You receive two tubes within the package, which is typical today. You have a larger bubble glass hose, which keeps 3.5ml of e-water. That’s an excellent quantity of e-water for the MTL reservoir. The disadvantage here is that it looks awful in my opinion. It simply sticks out way too considerably. And if you decline this, that window is first of all, strikes. However, you have that choice if you would like it. And you also get yourself a straight window pipe, which keeps 2ml of e-fluid. This looks far better and is still a great capability to have an MTL reservoir. That’s just like most common pod products.

Peek Connector Chamber

Beneath the window is the connector chamber which is made of PEEK plastic material, so it is prepared for substantial warmth. This can be basically what Augvape is using to hold the glass in position and also to link the chimney. It doesn’t really do anything at all unique other than to maintain the parts together and to home the chamber. This addresses the develop deck and restricts just how much e-fluid gets into the deck. The chamber results in a really restricted room over the deck, that is good as it prevents a lack of flavor. That flavor will come directly off of the coil and directly up the chimney, therefore it seems to work nicely. This fits into two slots so you’ll know it’s in the best place when it’s sitting down and doesn’t transform left or right. The simplest way to line it up is merely by understanding that fluid ports on the ends from the chamber line up with the wicks on the coil.

The Develop Deck

As I’ve described, the deck is rebuildable and it’s designed for just one coil to create. There’s not a lot of space to develop a large coil in this article. And because the elevated airflow hole and the posts are common metallic, you must make sure your coil doesn’t contact some of that steel and quick out. So you’re limited to around a 2mm diameter or less coil. An MTL container doesn’t require a big coil anyhow. This can be a standard two article deck. There’s another PEEK insulator at the bottom of the water properly along with an opening where airflow pops up and strikes the bottom of the coil. You get two coils inside the container. The first is a 1.0ohm Kanthal coil and other is really a .6 ohm Nichrome coil. They are both 24g wire, 2mm diameter, as well as the Kanthal coil,  has 8 wraps and also the nichrome coil has 7 wraps. The coils are available in the identical package deal, which means you can’t notify both apart, nevertheless, the Kanthal wire is magnetic as the nichrome isn’t. I don’t know why Augvape didn’t properly tag the two, but you can use a magnet to physique it. This container can be a little difficult to build, just because the area is really little. You receive a simple single-coil, keep it set up along with your screwdriver or coil tool, which is situated perfectly in those grooves on the airflow keep there. Then you certainly place the coil thighs and legs beneath the screws and tense up the lower. And merely to ensure it’s all developed correctly, I would advise adding it on a device and firing it. Then to wick the coil, reduce the comes to an end to about the edge from the bottom and tuck them down into the water well. I like to saturate the wick a little before shutting up the deck. If you’re asking yourself what I’m utilizing here, it’s Pitted through the Surfs Up series from Vape Art Inc. It becomes an awesome fairly sweet melon taste. I like it a great deal. Okay, so let’s quickly talk about this airflow insert beneath the coil. Something I’ve noticed with how they affect developing the deck is that they can really get in the manner. The coils must be really small to match in the middle space or you should boost the coils higher than the inserts in the event the coils are too large, otherwise, they’ll feel the metal and short out. This definitely helps make creating the deck a little more difficult. But after you have that all taken care of, then you definitely put the chamber back on the deck and make sure it’s small in the slot machines. Then position the container together and then it is possible to fill it up.

Bottom part Fill

So like I described previously, this is a base fill up the reservoir. Which is strange to find out these days. So using the deck away from, you’ll view the big liquid load ports. Those slots are pretty big, however, the problem I’ve experienced is the fact that it’s so deep. Just a little fine-suggestion container can’t reach the fill-up slots, therefore i must drip the water into them, which may get yourself a tiny messy. I’ve accidentally decreased liquid to the chimney portion so look out for that. Anyway, concerning the bottom part-fill, it’s much less convenient as best-fill up, that’s without a doubt because it means you must go ahead and take the tank off of the device and then take away the whole foundation. It’s not as easy at it can be. But from the things i fully grasp, the reason behind this is to prevent the tank from floods while filling it, and that’s definitely one of the drawbacks of other MTL tanks like the Expromizer. Another advantage of the way this container is packed is that it’s really easy to take the container off of the deck and change out the coil or airflow insert without having to empty for the container or concern yourself with it spilling. So you can find advantages to this filling approach also.

The Airflow Program and Airflow Inserts

Let’s discuss the airflow program. Augvape is phoning this a hidden airflow design, and that’s because you can barely tell that it’s there. This slender series towards the bottom of the bottom is in fact where airflow will come in. It’s interesting. But you’ll also notice that there isn’t an airflow manage ring in this article. So that you can’t modify airflow from the outside. To modify the airflow, you must use one of the three changeable airflow inserts within the container.

  • 1.0mm
  • 1.2mm
  • 1.0mm dual holes

Those inserts press squeeze into the deck. They’re held only with one particular o-ring, which means you need to ensure they’re pressed in as tight that you can get so they don’t fall out. And they’re a little wobbly. You really want to make sure they’re in just like you may get them. I would personally have liked for such to screw in because they do on the authentic Merlin MTL RTA. So obviously, this isn’t as simple to use being a changeable airflow engagement ring. And I must acknowledge, it’s a bit of a discomfort to suffer from. But once you find the airflow management put which you like, you won’t have to deal with it once again. You’ll always understand that it’s placed in the best place. You can go ahead and take inserts inside and out using the coil still in position in the event you really don’t want to take the coil to alter the airflow, but it’s definitely much easier to just pull the coil out. With the most compact 1.0mm airflow put, the draw is extremely tight. It’s so tight, which it pulls fluid into the deck and causes it to flood a little. And this one isn’t really for chain-vaping. I don’t get any fluid inside my oral cavity or anything at all, having said that i can notice the water gurgling in the deck. You certainly can’t perform a lung strike right here. Using the 1.2mm airflow place, It’s still quite constrained, but there’s noticeably more airflow than with the 1.0mm place. With all the double 1.0mm airflow place, you receive a much looser small draw. You can actually get a very constrained lung draw with this place, however, i mean very restricted. I’m speculating it’s still likely to appeal mostly to mouth-to-lung vapers. You could utilize this if you want a tight attract and greater hits. Away from all three inserts, my personal favorite will be the 1.2mm place. The limitation is merely great for how I like to vape.

Flavor and Tonsils Strike

So the two most essential things for vapers who use MTL gadgets the flavor as well as the tonsils hit. The flavor is actually good. The little chamber appears to provide you with the taste directly to the peak without dropping anything at all in-in between. I think the flavor out of this is really excellent. And also the tonsils success is exactly what I’d expect through the liquid I’m vaping. It’s not muting something and it’s really satisfying.

Ultimate Thoughts

The appearance in the reservoir really isn’t great looking. It’s pretty simple in my opinion. It’s also really slender and high, so it doesn’t look wonderful on a lot of devices. In the event you care about appearance, you’ll desire to use it on anything really small, but it’s nice that Augvape provided an elegance diamond ring to make it appear much better on larger products. Developing the tank and modifying the airflow is also a whole lot more challenging than most rebuildable, or at best I believe so. This tank definitely needs additional work to get accustomed to. However, I discovered that after doing a few creates, it will become quicker to work together with. I’m not really a large fan of the wobbly airflow inserts both, however, i haven’t experienced a problem with them within my use. As far as overall performance goes, the Merlin Nano MTL RTA is awesome. The flavor is superb, the pull is absolutely clean and comfy, you have several airflow options to pick from, it doesn’t leak (or at a minimum, it hasn’t on me), and features no difficulties with wicking at all. With most of these things stated, I do believe this container will charm a lot more to individuals who like to tinker, but it probably won’t appeal to a beginner looking for a simple-to-use MTL reservoir.

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2019 Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Reservoir Review

Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank Review Eleaf just released the approaching release of the Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Container on social media marketing. This sub-ohm tank created lots of hoopla on the web as it comes with a little turbine or propeller inside the mesh coil. Many vapers appreciated the idea behind the Rotor, however, some other individuals brought up concern as the little turbine within the coil of the Rotor Tank might be potentially swallowed when it will come away.

Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank The vape local community also showed their concerns regarding the atomizer producing sounds while spinning. On this page, we are going to consider this new product by Eleaf and try to respond to these questions. But to begin with, let’s unbox the Rotor!

Unboxing the Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Tank

The Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Tank will come in hose-like product packaging using the Eleaf Rotor Tank having a pre-set up coil (.2-ohm mesh coil with a turbine inside of). Within the pipe, in addition, you will find a non-turbo coil (.15 normal mesh), a spare bubble glass, extra o-bands, and seals, guarantee greeting card as well as a user handbook.

How will be the Eleaf Rotor reservoir? The Eleaf Rotor Tank is a sub-ohm tank with adjustable bottom airflow. It could maintain 4 ml of e-water using the standard glass hose and 5 ml if you are using the bubble glass pipe included.

Produced in stainless steel, this sub-ohm container features a push-and-press leading filling up. This sort of top filling up stops the normal involuntary seeping that develops whenever you set your reservoir inside a budget. The atomizer includes a securing switch on one area that really must be pressed while pushing and sliding the atomizer wide open. Smart style Eleaf! The Eleaf Rotor has 24.6 mm in diameter, 51.4 mm in length and it comes with a large black 810 drip idea.

The Rotor Mesh Coil with Turbine Generally the design of the atomizer becomes all the interest, but in this case, it’s the coil rather than the container itself the main protagonist. The little turbine in the mesh coil of this container created plenty of buzz on the Internet since we anticipated just before.

We could read through a couple of skeptical comments regarding the basic safety and satisfaction with this reservoir. The initial impact this reservoir might take is that it will not be risk-free and it can create a whistle while breathing. Both are nonetheless wrong. Even if the turbine inside the coil could appear (which can be very improbable to happen because it is linked having a pin), it could hardly glance at the chimney tube and stay swallowed unintentionally. Amazingly, the turbine mesh coil does not generate any noise or whistle while breathing. Everything you can feel is a tiny vibration. However, it is not noisy whatsoever!

The performance of the turbine mesh coil is really very satisfying plus it does enhance the flavor in comparison to the conventional mesh coil also within the product packaging. It is difficult to condition if this coil improves the present mesh coils when it comes to flavors, but it does certainly boost it.

Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Tank Advantages and disadvantages Benefits

Practical press-and-push leading filling Eleaf always offers reasonable items for an inexpensive value Some little improvements are always valued The propeller busters the flavor without enhancing the e-liquid intake The coils are suitable for Ello tanks Cons

The type of drip idea incorporated will not be the most effective in fact it is difficult to use other drip tips.

Last Thoughts Eleaf created a risky and revolutionary coil type which can be attractive for many vapers on the market. Nevertheless, this turbine coil idea can audio unnecessary and even silly for some individuals. We personally believe some development in this particular sector is always encouraged. The Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Container is well built and, most importantly, it is far from harmful as some individuals might think. The Eleaf Rotor Container brings flavorful clouds, therefore, it is really up to you if you want to give this turbine coil idea a chance.

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