Aegis Boost Pod Mod Geekvape Review-Natural Leather Kit

Geekvape Aegis boost Pod Mod Kit is made from Zinc-Silicone, Alloy and Natural leather with portable and minimalist features. Nicely following in the Aegis tradition of being rugged gadgets this also is IP67 waterproof, plus Blemish, Rust and rip-resistant too.

This is an adjustable wattage product having a .42in OLED display and also the productivity is 5-40W.

Inside of is the AS chipset used on larger sized Geekvape mods and claims a super speedy firing period of .08 secs. The battery is actually a 1500mAh internal jobby and charges via Mini USB with a demand level of up to 1.5A. The pod includes a top satisfying style there is somewhere an airflow management valve also.


Size: 106.8 x 39.2 x 27.7mm
Material: Zinc-Alloy, Leather and Silicone
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Wattage Output: 5-40W
Output Voltage: 1.0-6.0V
Firing Speed: 0.08s
Coil Resistance: 0.6ohm
Charging: Micro USB port
Charging Current: 5V/1.5A
E-juice Capacity: 3.7ml
Filling Type: Easy top refill
Airflow: Easy Access Airflow Valve


1 x GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit
1 x GV Boost Coil(0.6Ω 15-25W)
(Pre-installed:GV Boost Coil 0.4Ω 25-33W,capacity 3.7ml)
1 x Drip tip
1 x Coil tool
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

It may bring you an excellent visible pleasure with stylish appearance and a concise style with a remarkable vaping encounter.

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Dovpo SQ Topside Mechanical Squonk Mod Review

Dovpo SQ Topside Squonk Mod is created by design and style visionary Brian Herb from your Vapor Chronicles YouTube station.

His entire body is machined from the solid billet of aluminum then picture blasted and anodized. The side panel is removable to gain access to the battery compartment and also the squonk bottle. The panel has 28 magnets to save it in place! In case the truth is lightweight aluminum, which by the way cannot but change the excess weight, the sled for the electric battery, etc. consists of plastic material. There is absolutely no need for a ribbon for extraction – the battery is squeezed out from the opposing side.

The squonk bottle can hold either 12.5ml or 10ml of e-fluid

There are 4 colors to select from


Size: 52.5 x 91 x 27mm

Output: full output mechanical

Silicone Bottle Capacity: 10ml

Battery Capacity: Single 21700 Battery(Not Included)


1 x Dovpo SQ Topside Mod

1 x Squonk Bottle

1 x Tool/Spares Kit

1 x User Manual

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Advken Darker Mesh Tank Review

The build quality from Advken is pure flawlessness every time. Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank :This is an excellent-searching container and it also fits a variety of diverse mods – its design is great.

The very best satisfying again annoyed me every time…it’s that airtight there is absolutely no breather opening for that tank to let atmosphere out. No, later on, think about a new design and style on that. The filling is sluggish which means you must tilt the tank slightly and drip it along with the coil because of it to fill and for the best satisfying options.

the container at many energy settings

30W: I usually start lower in order to get the coil nice and prepped – not vapor significantly came at this particular wattage, having said that I would still recommend it if you like a mild vape.

55W: the flavor was great at this energy setting and it grew to become very successful vapor-sensible because it settled in. Not a perfect vape but nice…more strength, please!

65W: a nice, thoroughly clean is taste very apparent in the very first pull, the second pull – beautiful…and so on.

75W: it’s nice and operates a reward, the wicking trying to keep up properly, but it’s not the most effective as it must have to take in the juice as its quickly vaped for me.

The airflow is actually is wonderful and I’m really pleased with the way it blends well with the taste.

Built of high-high quality 304SS supplies, it will provide you long-lasting as well as simple cleaning vaping encounter. Besides, it adopts .15ohm Triple Mesh Coil and .15ohm Single Mesh Coil to aid various e-liquid capacities of 5ml and 6ml. Additionally, the bottom changeable airflow management style supplies the best airflow when tasting, make points diverse. Plug the best slide filling design and style, you are able to finish basic refilling procedure. This is certainly the very best sub-ohm tank Advken has made up to now.


Size: 54.5 * 25mm
Material: 304SS
Capacity: 5/6ml
Coil: 0.15ohm Triple Mesh Coil, 0.15ohm Single Mesh Coil
Capacity: 5ml(Triple Mesh Coil), 6ml(Single Mesh Coil)
Thread: 510
Drip Tip: 810 Resin


1 x Dark Mesh Tank(0.15Ω Triple mesh coils inside)
1 x Spare 0.15Ω Single Mesh Coil
1 x Bubble Glass
1 x Accessaries Bag
1 x Cleaning Cloth

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A Magnetic Door Stop Can Protect Your Doors And Walls

Keeping the door open on a windy day could be disastrous for you, your door and your walls. If you happen to pass by the door when it slams you are going to get injured. When your door slams against the wall both the wall and the door will get damaged. The best way to prevent the situation is to install a magnetic door stop.

Stopping The Door From Slamming

Winds can make your door slam and damage them. What you need is something to keep them from closing when kept open. There is another problem to take care of the doors too. Your doors have doorknobs or levers that can hit the walls and damage them. You need something that can prevent both these problems. There is nothing like a door stopper for this purpose.

Decorative Door Stop

Decorative Door Stop

When the door constantly slams against a wall the corners of the doors can get damaged very fast. Due to constant impact the paint, the mold, and the wood could get chipped away. This is another reason why you need door stops to keep the door from hitting the wall or slamming hard.

There are different types of doorstops which are in use but the magnetic door stop proves to provide the best solution. It consists of two pieces of hardware. The one with the magnet is fitted either on the wall or the floor depending on what model you buy. The other part has another magnet and is fixed on the door. Both the magnets have opposite forces and hence they attract each other keeping the door open.

The Working Of A Magnetic Door Stop

The mechanism is very simple. When the door is open the metallic part, which fixed to the door touches the other part with the magnet. This will keep the door open till someone pulls the door to close it. The strength of the magnet is fixed in such a way that it is not difficult even for elders to pull the door close. Normally the force required to pull the door close is almost equal to that required to pull open a refrigerator door.

You can buy a magnetic door stop in different shapes and sizes. You can buy a floor model or the wall model depending on how and where you want to fix them. Installing the door stop is a simple job. But you need to match both the pieces exactly to make sure it functions properly.

Things To Take Care While Installing The Door Stop

Carved Door Stop Carved

Carved Door Stop Carved

When screwing a countersunk magnet take care not to tighten too much. If the magnet is thin it could break. Magnets are brittle, unlike metal pieces. If you are using a thicker magnet then it will be fine. When you are using a screw to fit the countersunk magnet you must use a screw of the correct size. The screw must allow the magnet to come above the screw. If this is not the case the magnet will have much lesser strength as it won’t touch the piece on the door properly.

Take care of all these and you have the best solution to take care of door slamming which is the magnetic door stop.

Magnetic Door Stop – Ideas on Foter 
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Door stops are considered the most functional hardware devices. Since they are not placed in prominent places like other curios, we often choose the simplest …

Innokin GoMax Tube Starter Kit Review- Cyclops Design Airflow Kit

The Innokin GoMax Tube comes from a brand that is famous for starter kits. There’s the disposable GoMax reservoir, create for Immediate to Lung (DTL) vaping.

It’s a nonreusable reservoir, along with a rechargeable battery. You can load the reservoir along with your preferred e-water, and when the coil eventually burns up out, you chuck the tank and get a replacement.

The Tank

You have a broad (9mm) bore mouthpiece, although it is simply 5mm wide over the coil. There’s a glide best fill up with silicone membrane covering the loading dock. Airflow adjustment is via a cyclops design airflow engagement ring on the bottom. When I first received this I was thinking it wasn’t changeable as it’s quite inflexible, and consists of the same PCTG as the rest of the tank, therefore, it really mixes in.

Filling up is pretty simple, and also the level of resistance around the slip fill remains nice and restricted even after utilizing it for a while.

However that silicone close off could be a soreness, even though it’s correct that it halts e-water escaping should you knock it over whilst filling up, I have done often discover that e-water would get trapped and bubble at the very top once I was filling up it due to the silicone seal around the end of my jar.


Fully wide open really is totally open, this can be a very free DTL vape. If you don’t expensive quite much airflow you are able to progressively closed it right down to find your wonderful place, for DTL I found that about halfway shut gave me the most effective combination of the flavour of clouds. For which is essentially a supply coil, I found that this cloud manufacturing was pretty remarkable.


The Plex 3D Mesh coils from Innokin are really little taste bangers. It’s a somewhat great vape, but really precise and great at breaking up the various taste information inside your e-liquid.

It’s adequate which I was happily able to use it as my main DTL device, provides great taste, and it is really user-friendly and gets on with.


Product Name: GoMax Tube
Material: Stainless Steel
Battery: 3000mAh/3.7V
Capacity: 5.5ml
Tank Resistance: 0.19Ω(60-80W)
Voltage Range: 3.3V-4.2V
Cut Off Time: 10sec
Max. Output Current: 30A
Resistance Range: 0.13-3.5Ω
Thread Type: 510
Charging Current: 5V/2A


1 x Innokin Gomax Tube 80W Mod
1 x Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank
1 x MicroUSB Cable
2 x User Manuals

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