Ehpro Cold Steel 100 TC Box Mod 120W Evaluation

The Cool Steel 100 TC Box Mod is actually a regulated single battery mod which takes 20700, 18650 and 21700. Somewhat confusingly this is really a 120W device, in spite of getting known as the Cool Metallic 100. I suspect that this title was already decided on when they asked for AmbitionZ input, while he has stated that one of the things he wished to change, was for it to go to 120W rather than the 100W they had prepared. So a significant little single battery mod, capable of 120W (using the proper battery power). So let’s take a look at what we get! This object was directed over free of charge for your purposes of this overview. As always, this in no way adjustments my opinion, and I also shall report back honestly as to what I find. The moment you select the Cold Steel 100 up to you immediately notice the excess weight of it, this is simply not a plastic great!

The whole thing consists of metallic (brass, zinc alloy, and stainless-steel) and features a reassuring heft with it, especially as soon as you fit a 21700 and a tank. It comes in three shade methods, Grey Bubbly (which I have), Black color Obsidian, or Outdated Precious metal. The Grey Bubbly features a lovely vertically brushed finish off that feels really silky and doesn’t pick up fingerprints. However since it’s a rather warm color, it’s not going to be a perfect match with most attys, though it’s near enough having brushed steel. The only real other printing is in the 510 dish where it says Made by Ehpro as well as your serial number.

The design will almost certainly put some individuals in mind from the SL Class from SXmini. However, I don’t truly feel they lose any details with this. When you’re developing just one battery mod you need to locate somewhere to put the board and the switches. It either turns into a tiny box mod or if you wish to maintain the hose design, you are making it taller (my Ehpro Mod 101 Pro is another 26mm in size) or stick it around the side in its own section.

There are also some thoughtful touches, the hose portion has a small hourglass shape to it, so it suits really comfortably within the palm. Also, all the edges in the management area are nicely curved, so it’s really comfortable to hold in spite of its weight. The width (not including the bulge) gets to 27.5mm, but how the top is slanted in for the springtime attached 510, means that this can manage up to 25mm without any overhang. The OLED display is a bit around the small part at 4mm x 18mm, but for that reason and the reality it’s recessed into the steel, you would have to be really unlucky to ever break it. It’s additionally a really nice and bright, I never experienced any difficulty reading it in brilliant sunlight. This is actually an area they’ve increased since some of their earlier mods! When you change it on, the term Cold Steel scrolls over the display, fine with this. However, if you change it off, rather than just converting away from, as well as declaring “Goodbye”, it actually reads “Bye-Bye”, which I couldn’t cease hearing inside a childish sing-track speech!

There’s a good variety of settings here, with pretty much everything you would normally want. It isn’t clear when you initially utilize it, but there’s actually a lesser degree menu concealed behind a number of the alternatives. The menus system is really well designed, sensibly stacking menu options to make the most of the small screen. When you choose Power then you get the solution to select either Typical, Soft or Strong, with slightly different ramp up occasions for each and every to suit your style. The wattage will adjust in .1W increments up to 30W (.5W for 30-120W) for a solitary click and total 1W modifications if you press and maintain. It will also scroll REALLY fast if you ensure that it stays organized down.

Halting at the very top or bottom and after that circular robin. I think this is among the very best modifications I’ve come across and allows you to effortlessly switch your energy, although providing you with a lot of great control. One thing to note is the fact there’s no way you’re going to get 120W from a 18650, although it will still enable you to scroll up to that substantial. Ehpro actually says on their website that 80-120W is only going to be reachable using a battery competent at 40A. In Temperature Management Setting, you initially need to pick your wire type.

I really like the reality that this can be incorporated into environment temp management, as sometimes you have to dig into other choices. And it also enables you to use the complete 120W of the mod in TC, numerous mods restriction you when you switch to temp management and don’t permit you to visit the highest. Once done you are able to go scroll from 200-600°F, it halts, and will also rounded robin into Celsius from 100-315°C. Additionally, it hair the level of resistance once you pick Temp Management, which is actually a helpful feel. I’ve vaped on TC on mods that don’t (or demand another menus step), and if you switch it back on again after having been vaping for quite a while, your level of resistance reading through is way away due to the way the opposition modifications with warmth. Just be sure you always set up Temp Manage while your coil is at space temperature. For the first few times, I used to test it at reduced wattage’s (15-25W) for Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping as well as the battery seems to very last for a long time, happily giving me 2-3 days of hefty vaping.

Something I have done notice though is that it does appear to empty them VERY dried out, so I’d recommend using your electric batteries out ahead of the mod won’t fire anymore. Stepping up to a twin coil Primary to Lung (DTL) container, vaping at 70-100W the battery lifestyle obviously took a big success, however, it would still very last me fifty percent a day quite easily. Their strength management has definitely been enhanced right here.

I set up one of my drippers with many TC wire, I don’t vape in TC often, nevertheless, it seemed to do a pretty good job of throttling down the energy and giving a consistent vape. In addition, it never received to the level where it gave me a dry success. As you can probably tell We have been really amazed at the Ehpro Cold Metallic 100 mod. The quality of the create, as well as the nicely developed menu program, get this effortlessly one of my favorite single electric battery mods. Although my Negatives list is as large as my Benefits, all of them are just small niggles, and they also don’t get much from what exactly is an excellent part of a set.

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