WISMEC Sinuous Ravage230 Mod Kit Review

Last year, the Wismec Predator  launched to a lot of fanfare. Not only because it launched a ton of “Alien vs. Predator” jokes across vape forums, but also because it was a damn good mod. Fast forward a year, and the prolific company might have just made its best dual-18650 device to date, the Wismec Ravage230 mod.

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Though it doesn’t seem all that different than the Predator, or the internal-battery Sinuous mod, the 230-watt Ravage230 is easily the best, most-compact mid-sized device I’ve used in quite some time. Although the pre-release sample boxes that arrived a few weeks ago sported just 200W, WISMEC released a firmware upgrade that pushed the maximum output to 230W.

Let’s dive a little deeper and see what makes the Ravage230 so much better than the Predator.

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For the Ravage230, Wismec took the best elements of all its devices, smoothed them over, then added an absolutely stunning 1.4-inch display, just to add icing to the cake. More streamlined than the Predator, more compact than the Sinuous, and featuring more than a few design cues from the Reuleaux Mods, the Ravage230 is a sharp little device.

But make no mistake, the Ravage230 is its own beast, with a nicely anodized aluminum frame, distinctive color contrasts, and a well laid-out control scheme. The side firing bar returns, and has a nice throw to it – not quite as satisfying and clicky as the recent SMOK Majesty Mods, but still highly responsive.

I didn’t love the “rocker-style” single up/down control button, because I always seem to have problems with them. But the Ravage230’s button was solid and responsive, as well.

One fantastic addition to the Ravage230 is the top-positioned “back” button, which not only serves to back users out of a menu tree, but also to quickly turn off the screen and turn off the button inputs. Though we only usually see these types of “lock” controls on touchscreen Mods, I was happy to see how Wismec implemented the same idea on the Ravage230, and hope other companies follow suit.

The center-mounted 510 connection is built into the aluminum top section of the Ravage230 frame, so there’s little worry of loose plates or misfires. In my time with the Ravage230, we experienced no issues with bad connectivity, even with older tanks and RDAs. Speaking of which, the Ravage230 is 30mm wide, which means nearly all your tanks and RDAs will sit flush. I noticed a LITTLE overhang with the Modfather tank, but it was largely negligible.

If there were any concerns with the Wismec Ravage230230 Mod, it came from the bottom battery door, which was a little loose on our test Model. I received two different Ravage230s for review, and the second had a much more secure hinge, so I’m willing to chalk the first up to a production error.

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Overall, the Ravage230 operates like a dream, with an intuitive, all-new menu system that allows users to easily navigate between all Modes and settings, with options clearly laid out on the vibrant display. Entering the menus requires a standard “three-click” input, then the onscreen prompts take it from there.

As I mentioned earlier, the inclusion of a back button makes the Ravage230 operate very closely to a touchscreen Mod, without having to get fingerprints all over the display. It is different than most common vape device systems, but it became second nature in no time.

Under the hood, the Ravage230 offers 230 watts of power – apparently those last two watts were just too elusive for the Predator to handle last year. Additionally, users will enjoy a full complement of temperature control options for all types of coils, TCR memory slots, and the odd RTC (real time clock) Mode, which simply puts the time on the main screen, rather than the current wattage/temperature. I don’t QUITE understand why RTC is a “feature,” but it’s there if you want it.

Thanks to the simple menus, making TC adjustments is an absolute pleasure, including the setting of wattage, locking resistances, making quick temperature tweaks, and even adjusting the order in which info is displayed onscreen. Again, highly intuitive and user-friendly all around.

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Included with the Wismec Ravage230 Mod kit is the all-new Gnome EVO tank. At first glance, this diminutive 2mL/4mL sub-ohm tank seems identical to its predecessor, but Wismec added one key function – a child lock system that should really be called an “adult-proof system” instead.

You see, the original Gnome was a strong, flavorful performer with two major drawbacks. The first was capacity, which we wish was larger. The second was the top cap, which was a little too easy to open, meaning more than a few milliliters of e-liquid leaked when users weren’t looking.

The Gnome EVO fixes this by requiring users to remove the drip tip in order to slide open the fill cap. It’s a BIT of a nuisance, but once you realize how dry and clean your pockets are, you’ll appreciate it.

Beyond this design alteration, this is the same Gnome we’ve come to love countless times over – the squat, compact design of the tank means rich, deep flavor and massive cloud production. Wismec claims the EVO coils are new and improved, but I’m not seeing any difference in vape quality so far. I still wish there was a taller 5-6mL version of the Gnome, but no one can argue with performance this strong.

The Ravage230 Slideshow

Vaping the Wismec Ravage230 Mod

Consistency and power is the name of the game with the Ravage230. For a Mod so compact and pocket-friendly, I was shocked at how effortlessly it hit its marks, both in power and TC Modes. First off, the 230-watt proclamation is no lie – not only does the Ravage230 hit this mark with ease, but it does it with noticeably less power consumption than any Mod I’ve seen in this category.

Now, before you start cranking it up to 230 all day, realize I’m speaking in relative terms. Vaping at that level consistently WILL drain your batteries like a sieve. But it should be noted that battery efficiency is fantastic on the Ravage230, from 5 watts to 230, and vapers who stay below 100 watts will enjoy extensive performance throughout a given day.

(I only wonder what the Ravage230 could put out with 21700 cell capability. Oh well, there’s always next year…)

In temperature control, I enjoyed predictable, powerful performance with all my varied test coils. There was a predictable amount of jumpiness before locking my resistance levels, but once dialed in, the temp control performance was flawless.

[Ed note: As it was pointed out to me by a recent reader comment, most Mods have jumpy resistance readings in TC Mode, until it’s locked in. While I actually knew this, I never properly conveyed my point in my reviews. In that instance, I found the ohm readings to be excessively skittish and inconsistent, which made me hesitant to vape in that Mode. All the same, I thank that reader for pointing out my communication error, and assure you I won’t make the same mistakes in future reviews.]

TCR settings came in very handy for my more complicated builds, and setting these parameters was effortless when using the onscreen prompts. However, I should note the built-in protection suite is extremely helpful, if not a little too cautious, since it started to throw low atomizer warnings at 0.1 ohm, when 0.05 was the limit for TC Modes. Since I don’t usually vape this low, I like the protection. But vapers who like to push their coils and Mods a little harder might find these protections annoying.


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Smok Infinix Review – Sleek and Portable Starter Kit

The second newest Pod System from Smoktech, The Smok Infinix Starter Kit. It has an automatic firing system, just a simple inhale it can already produce a good amount of vapor without pressing any physical buttons. It can fire up from 10 to 16 watts of output and it has a built-in 250 mAh battery.

Smok Infinix Review: Background

This is one of the two newest Pod System product from Smoktech, we have previously reviewed the Smok Fit Starter Kit. They have very similar features and performance, there are only a few differences between them.

The Smok Infinix Starter Kit , a unique and portable pod system with 250 mAh built-in battery and automatic firing system.

smok infinix review background
Smok Infinix will fit anywhere

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Smok Infinix
  • 2x Pod
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • E-Liquid Injection Bottle (10ml)
smok infinix review package

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  • Air-Driven System – This is the best feature of Smok Infinix Starter Kit, it has a simple and easy operation, just by inhaling it will automatically turn on and produce a good amount of vapors without pressing any physical buttons.
  • Cubic Design – It has a cubic design unlike typical pod systems with curve shapes, with this design it will be easier to grip while using this device.
  • Multiple Protection – The Smok Infinix Starter Kit is packed with multiple safety features such as 8 secs cut-off, Short Circuit Protection, and Low voltage protection.
  • Portable Size – This kit has a very compact size with the overall dimensions of 110 x 12.5 x 11 mm, a perfect on-the-go vaping device.
  • Easy Refilling System – E-Liquid Refilling with Smok Infinix Starter Kit will be easy, just open the small rubber plug located at the side of the pod and refill it using the included bottle injector.
smok infinix review feature

Honestly, the design of Smok Infinix Starter Kit looks awesome. It has a sleek cubic design that looks like a high-end pen that will match anything that you will keep beside it. This cubic design has a good grip that you can take advantage while using this device.

A very portable size with a dimension of 110 x 12.5 x 11 mm that will fit to anywhere you keep it, from small bags even in your shirt pockets.

smok infinix review design

As a Pod System/Starter Kit, the Smok Infinix will provide a good performance. It can fire up from 10 to 16 wattsoutput, this is already enough to provide you a good amount of vapor which is way better than smoking cigarettes. It has a 250 mAh built-in battery that can last half a day to full day on casual vaping.

smok infinix review performance

What is the key difference of Smok Infinix Starter to other Kits?

  • Smok Fit Starter Kit vs Smok Infinix – They have very similar features and performance, the only difference would be the overall design, The Smok Fit has a boxy type design while the Smok Infinix has an angled shape.
  • Juul E-Cig vs Smok Infinix Starter Kit – Both of these vaping device are great as a Pod Systems, Smok Infinix will have a little advantage as it has more advanced key features like the internal safety protections, and also you can choose from different E-Liquid flavors from other brands that Juul’s E-Cig doesn’t have that option.